intheclouds - elowel
04-15-07 22:50
mmmmm.... i bought organic soy milk from work today. i dont usually drink this stuff... but it was on sale. hahaha.

ps. damn myspace and people i hate adding me... when i dont even remember it........... =[
04-08-07 15:34
i think im going to give up elowel. sad, i know. but its right. hahaha.
afternoon delight 03-29-07 00:06
4 days until i leave. woo fucking hoo. =D
im diggin the new layout. haha. i wish mine looked as cool as this.

this week has been like 1 long, boring week.

spring break is tomorrow at 12:35 pm. COLLEGE!! i have so much to do tomorrow.

03-24-07 23:20
so i leave on the 2nd. im preeeeetty much nervous. hahaha.

i AM excited, but... i dont know. this happened too fast. lol.



im bored.
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